Our story

Our Story

Vineyards and winery

We are a family-run vineyards and winery focusing on the production of authentic wines coming from selected grapes from our own estate.

Winemaking and bottling started up in 2020 thanks to the extraordinary vision of Marco Funiati, owner and engineer. After experiences abroad and driven by uncountable passion for his Salento homeland, he converts into wine the flair of his production philosophy.

Wines are elegant and true, reflecting the local grape variety and never flattened on market stereotypes.


Thanks to small size and great passion, we manage to do all operations in vineyard and winery by ourselves. We pay extreme care for every detail in wine production, from vine planting to pruning to harvest. We harvest our grapes exclusively by hand to achieve the maximum respect of every single berry. We believe excellent wines only comes from excellent grapes.
Next plans?
A dream comes true, a land becoming quality wine, imagination take shape in a new winery. We are building our new winery surrounded by vineyards and designed according to sustainability and innovative materials. We welcome all visitors and wine enthusiast to come and visit us and we will be pleased to show all the progress of this exceptional project getting real.

Le Persone

The team – “1+1=3. Group strenght”

A team of specialised workers in viticulture take care of our vineyards on a daily basis under the attentive direction of Marco and Mimino. All our workers are passionate about agriculture as they come from local agricultural families themselves so they share with us every production step


Marco Funiati - “I could have settled, but unhapply”

Ten years spent abroad between France and UK then the decision to come back in Salento to continue the wine making activity. He takes back with him technical innovation and organization. Pushed by passion for great wines and potential of his Salento homeland, he launched the company in wine production and bottling. Thanks to his creativity, a new wine brand and a sustainable winery see the light.


Mimino Funiati - “A drop carves the rock, not for its strength but for its perseverance”

A reference for all of us. 30 years’ experience in vine growing and micro wine production. He manages the daily vineyards activity alongside our team of workers. He is passionate of agricultural machineries and we can find him very often on board of his tractor cuddling the vineyards


Marco Mascellani – Oenologist

Born in Rome, trained in Umbria, professional career in Puglia. As oenologist with over ten years’ experience in important italian wineries, Marco gives his signature to Funiati wine philosophy based on a strict relation between local grape varieties and human actions. Alongside Marco we apply a strict selection of grapes in vineyards to obtain balanced wines, expression of each grape variety and winery style.

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